Jay Marvin

Prolific Outsider

Radio Personality/Artist/Poet Jay Marvin

Radio Personality/Artist/Poet Jay Marvin

Jay Marvin is a self-taught painter, writer, and  best known (1999-2004) as a popular and controversial talk show host on WLS 890 AM radio in Chicago. He is also a fascinating human being with a lot on his mind. Jay Marvin describes his art style as, " … open, raw, and filled with emotion, and revolution. The days of the "outsider" or "self taught" artist as mental patient are at an end. Art should be used as a weapon to smash the boredom of everyday life!" Marvin's work has been featured nationally as well as internationally most recently at the Inspired Art Fair in London England.

"Jay Marvin inspired me to start painting in 2003. He painted one of my album covers for the record: "Borderland."
He carries the Cobra Art tradition forward…a wild colorist. A a modern Fauve!"
Tom Russell, www.tomrussellart.com

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